• You have 2 hanging options. The default option is to use the free screw kit that is included with all sign purchases. This option is suitable for most wall types, but make sure the wall can support the weight first. The other option is to add adhesive strips to your order, which allows you to hang your sign on any smooth surface.


    • To begin, locate an ideal spot for your sign. While holding the sign against the wall, use the pre-drilled screw holes as guides to mark the drilling points with a pencil.
    • Drill pilot holes at the marked locations using a drill bit slightly smaller than the width of the provided plastic anchor.
    • Place the anchors in the pilot holes. You might have to use a hammer or mallet to lightly tap them in.
    • Hold the round barrels on top of the anchors and fasten the screws through the barrels - The screw fixes to the anchor, securing the barrel in place on the wall.
    • Take your sign and align the screw holes with the barrels and fasten the caps through the sign's holes into the barrels, securing the sign on the wall. Remember to insert the cushions on both sides of the clear acrylic backboard between the barrel and its cap. This reduces the stress on the acrylic.

    1. Wipe wall with isopropyl alcohol and let dry - Use strips on smooth surfaces only
    2. Separate strips and press to snap them together - Be sure to use all of the strips to ensure hold
    3. Remove liners from one side - press all strips firmly on sign placing them evenly over the area
    4. Remove liners from other side - press firmly on wall for at least 45 seconds